The Telchines (Tell-Kine) were a race of amphibious beings known for their natural sorcery and dangerous weapons that rivaled the Cyclopses.

Telchines were on average over six feet tall, and densely muscled due to the pressure of the sea water. Their body is quite similar in build to a Minotaur. What sets the Telchines apart are their heads and hands.
They had the heads of fierce wolves, and spoke in a language best described as a howling song, and their hands and feet were thickly webbed, and adorned with gruesome claws.

The Telchines culture centered around the worship of Pelagius, The God of The Sea Deep.
Pelagius is spoken about in hushed whispers among the land-dwelling races, as Pelagius is blamed for the raging waves that sink ships and lives to the depths below, but the Telchines see Pelagius as a father figure, his kingdom below the waves welcoming those he chooses to live among him.

The Telchines were known for their natural Sorcery. Unlike the other races, who had to fight with tooth and claw, and steel, the Telchines possessed the ability to strike down foes with but a word, their weapons cleaved through the Iron and Bronze armour of Man and Minotaur, and their majestic cities of decadence proved mightier than most keeps.

In the time before the The Great Conquest, it was the Telchines that reigned in the land. From atop Their coastal cities made of coral and stone they demanded tribute from the other races in blood and wealth.

List of Telchine Cities:


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