The Satyrs are a race of cruel goat-like humanoids who live in the forests of Paedonia.
Satyrs have the hindquarters of a goat or stag, and the upper body and head of a human. Often-times the head is adorned with horns like a stag or goat’s. The Satyrs are known to be carousers, drunks, and killers.

Often times a traveler will encounter Satyrs when he is alone, the satyrs will often times lure the hapless traveler with promise of drink and food and song. The promised drink and food and song do come of course, and the traveler is filled with food and drink until he can no longer stand, and then the Great Hunt begins. The Satyrs follow a mysterious God of Hunt, a vicious giant with the head of a Stag, and The Great Hunts are their most holy of services.

The Traveler finds himself offered a chance to live, if he gets away. Given a short time to get a head start, The Satyrs blow a horn and the hunt begins! The Satyrs savor the hunt, preferring to stalk their prey in his wild run for freedom from afar. The distance is far enough to allow the hunted some hope of escape, but close enough for them to make noise when they wish, to remind their prey that the hunters are always behind them.

Many claim to have won the Great Hunt and escaped the Satyrs, but that is all for naught. At the edge of their territory, they set up an assortment of traps and ambushes before the hunt, making the entire event a charade. Little do the helpless captives of the Satyrs realize that they were caught long before The Hunt began, in effect the Satyrs elaborately box their prey in.

The Satyrs are slightly sexually dimorphous, with the males being an average of five and a half feet tall, they have rotund bellies that suggest a lazy lifestyle of drink and relaxation, hiding the lean well-muscled hunter beneath. Their hindquarters have thick almost rough hair. The females, or Satyress as they are called, are taller than their male counterparts, reaching an average of near six feet. They tend to be very svelte and waif-like. Their hindquarters tend to have a very fine soft hair, usually with markings similar to deer. Both have skintones ranging from an olive complexion to slightly pale, depending on the sunlight that penetrates their forests. Some forests are so thick that no light comes in at all.


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