The Cyclops were a race of one-eyed giants, known for their intricate smithing and almost supernatural know how of technology. Their prized creations were their Steam Ships, the Automaton and Juggernauts of War, The Silver Labyrinth of The Gorgons, and the Automatic Doors of the Great Temple of Zephyros.


Averaging about ten to twelve feet tall. These well-muscled Giants had almost juandiced skin adorned with small horns upon their head and shoulders. Although brutish in appearance, The Cyclops were an intellectual, introverted race, who’s prowess with war and weaponry came only with their need to defend against other more aggressive races like The Minotaur and the Gegenees.

When the Minotaurs attacked the Cyclops during The Great Conquest, the Cyclopses built many Automatons and Juggernauts to defend their lands. Many of these creations became famous from their terrifying exploits, like the Six-Armed Hexadonica, who’s mighty blades of Iron cut through many brass armament that stood against it.

It was during The Great Conquests that the Cyclops were beseeched by The Gorgons to build for them a lair to protect the Pool of Seeing. The Cyclops built a Labyrinth made entirely of the most polished silver, allowing the Gorgons to entrap interlopers at little cost of harm to themselves or the Pool. They also populated the Stone Garden of The Gorgons, with Automatons made of Stone and Gorgon Magic, to lie in wait among the Statues for intruders.

In exchange for these services, The Cyclops got a glimpse of the end of their race from the Seeing Pool.
It’s not known what they saw, for the Gorgons tell no one, but whether they intended to escape it or see it through, the Cyclops abandoned their great cities in Paedonia, setting their great Automaton Army on a path of Self-Destruction against the Minotaur Horde, they boarded their great Steam powered Ships, and sailed away from Paedonia into uncharted waters. One hundred years later, the Cyclops have not been seen in Paedonia, and are largely presumed dead.

Cyclops Culture was centered around what one created. Cyclops placed great importance on the intellect and skill of a Cyclops Smith or Inventor, and new creations that pushed the envelope of their knowledge base was lauded. When a Cyclops is young, they are given their first set of tools. To prove their place in society, they must figure out, on their own, what their calling is. Some choose to take upon the art of Automonates, building more mechanical men to fight for the Cyclops, or farm or other menial labour. Others focus on the more artistic smithing, building majestic and beautiful buildings and constructs and metalworks. The Cyclops had advanced plumbing, with intricate sewer systems leading miles down below their great cities, and fountains that have since dried out once flowed water in the town squares for it’s citizens.

The Cyclops worshipped Zephyros, their God of the Forge, and claimed the Cyclops were born from his forge, imbued with the very sparks and fire of creation.


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