• Tyrasines 80,000
  • Minotaurs 6,000
  • * Anaimikothines 34,000
  • Slaves 100,000

*Anaimikothines are those ‘Lacking Blood’, Non-Tyrasinian Citizens who have bought their citizenship in either gold or steel.

A large, densely populated city situated on a peninsula with a large cliff at it’s end, Tyras was a haven for goods all across the world. With it’s Great Wall surrounding the peninsula in it’s entirety, the only feature of it’s streets noticeable from the sea is a large tower, acting both as a beacon for ships with the flame atop it’s walls and as a meeting place for all those of the Ruling Class. Beyond the wall seen from the sea are even more large stone walls. The city itself is divided into 6 different districts, each with a wall and gates in between. The first 2 districts are off the cliff and on the beach, the first being the lower classes residence, the second being where the shops and storage for all incoming goods. Along the Great Wall on both sides of the second, Merchant’s, district can be found all the many docks leading into the city and all the roads connecting the docks to land beyond the peninsula. The third district is located slightly up the hill of the cliff and is where the residence for the middle class residence of Tyras is located. Past that is the leisure district where anyone with the sufficient coin can go to enjoy the entertainment provided in Tyras. Beyond that still is the large district saved for only the wealthy elite amongst Tyras’ residence and just beyond that is the Tower of Tyras.

In times before Stageira’s Great Conquest, the dividing walls were a way to prevent the lower classes from bothering the classes of residence above them. To ascend through the city one must have a writ of passage, given to them depending upon their families standings. Descending on the other hand required no proof of standing, allowing all to pass to lower districts. Now, after Stageira has taken Tyras, the lower 3 levels have been cut off from the upper 3 completely, except for caravans of heavily guarded supplies for the elite, and have been converted into a large slum for all who were not fortunate enough to be high born, storage for all goods given to the Stageiran’s, and anything else the Minotaur could ever need of the land. To accommodate the Minotaur staying in the city a seventh district, built off the old lower class residence and off the peninsula, was build. This district cannot be entered through the main city and only has one gate facing away towards the land ahead.

With all lower classes now equally poor to keep the wealthy in their past comforts there has grown great disdain amongst the people for anyone with any money or even just a filling meal. The slums now filled with crimes done by people just trying to feed their family, the wealthy never go down from their walled sanctuary in fear of being killed for their actions and more so their possessions.


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