The First Age
Early First Age - Primordial Concepts take Physical Form
From them come The Gods.
The Gods raise up their own creations, Zephyros creates the Cyclops, creatures born of his Smith’s Fire. Pelagius creates the Telchine, denizens of his watery kingdom, Stagirus, his Minotaur, beings of war, Midaeus, his fickle Humans he bound to his will with coin, and Thirevos with his cruel Satyrs.

The Gods waged war for dominance with the Primordials, enlisting their subjects in battle. Many heroes of the myths and legends of the first age are created in these battles. Most of the Primordials are slain, the Gods devouring the hearts of the Primordials, gaining control of the domains they conceptualized.

Late First Age: It was years before the Gods realized the cost. The Hearts, outside of their original hosts, drained the life force of their new hosts. Those with few worshippers, found their life ebbed quicker, and the other gods looked greedily at those who did. War waged among the Gods, and new races were created in desperate attempts to create new worshippers. Many Gods and Races died by the end of the First Age, culminating in the murder of Thirevos by Stagirus, the co-opting of his Satyrs into his own fold.

The Second Age

403 SA – The Telchines subjugate neighbouring regions populated by Humans, Cyclops, and Satyr. Tribute is extracted from their new subjects in the form of gold, resources, and blood for their dark rites.
936 SA – King Xagoras receives a vision from Stagirus to begin The Great Conquest
937 SA – Stageira attacks the nearby Human City-State of Tyras, So begins a five year siege.
942 SA – Just as the Siege looks likely to break, the Horn of Stagirus is blown and Tyras’ walls fall. The City is sacked and bent to the will of the Horned Invaders.
Tyras becomes the first of Stageira’s vassal cities.
944 SA – Stageira attacks the Cyclops Kingdom.
961 SA – After receiving a vision from the Three Sisters, the Cyclops abruptly flee their lands, sailing for lands unknown on their great Steam Ships, never seen again.
963 SA – Stageira fights through the Automaton army the Cyclops left to slow down their advance and finds the abandoned Cities.
964 SA – King Xagoras dies, and is replaced by his son, King Heradides, Heradides places a pause on his Father’s expansionism, taking the time to bolster the lands they’ve acquired. Alliances are made with the Human Cities of Heliopolis, Delos, and Kos
973 SA – King Heradides attacks the Telchines at the seaside city of Corithines
1002 SA – The Telchine City of Kepines is submerged, and it’s inhabitants drowned to the last. The Telchines are presumed to have been destroyed. The Great Conquest ends.
1045 SA – Present Day


Tyras Soulgeared