The Gigenees are a monstrous and terrifying relic of the past. Averaging at 12 to 16 feet tall. These eight limbed giants once terrorized cities ans village, king and slave alike, gobbling them alive. With their six arms they prove fierce and savage force. The Gigenees are a shadow of their former strength, pushed into remote mountain trails to prey on the foolish traveler. The gigenees dream of a time where they can strike back at the minotaur scourge thay crippled their armies during the great conquests.

The Gigenees these days operate under large family-like tribes of 20-50 members on average. Both genders tend to take part in the violence of their raids, but Children remain held up with older members of the Tribe until they are of age.

The Gigenees follow a god by the name of Limocles, the God of Hunger and Famine, and provide him brutal sacrifices that center around the cooking and/or ritual consumption of their victims, both living and dead.

The Gigenees dress themselves in crudely fashioned hides of great animals, canine, feline, and ursine
The necklaces and jewelry they fashion are invariably made of bone and crude rocks and other such totems.

The Gigenees were once capable of metal working, but most Gigenee living areas do not have the fascility or means to produce a forge and work the material, most Gigenees use crude clubs, their terrible clawed hands and fangs, or stolen items from their victims, though rumour exists of a secluded Gigenee tribe who still work the old ways.


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